The Rise of Impact Entertainment

As more brands, media companies, and corporations seek to connect with an ever growing, socially conscious consumer base, entertainment companies Participant Media and SoulPancake, in partnership with Brand Storytelling, set out to understand how brand marketers think about entertainment—specifically traditional entertainment—as a means to spark meaningful dialogue and generate compelling social change around the world’s most pressing issues. This white paper—conducted by The Harris Poll—explores the growing field of “impact entertainment” and is based on a survey asking more than 500 marketers to share their thoughts on this emerging space. The survey reveals profound shifts in the ways marketers are engaging with consumers. Many advertisers are moving away from having their brand messaging front and center and, instead, bringing their social mission and purpose work to the forefront. Interest in this category is accelerating throughout the industry—with pioneering bands creating impact entertainment (see Case Studies) and festivals such as Tribeca and Cannes Lions creating awards in the category.